Monday, January 30, 2023
HomelatestCBN Rules Out Chances For The Third Front In Indian Politics

CBN Rules Out Chances For The Third Front In Indian Politics

It may be for real or to checkmate KCR’s National dreams, the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu completely quashed the chances of forming the third front in India. This senior Politician, however, got his own reasons for claiming such statements.

According to CBN, there should be one ruling union and another Opposition union along with a couple of left parties to have democracy going on. CBN states that the more the Oppositions are, the more the chances for the BJP to win again in the Lok Sabha Elections. He pointed out at the happened Telangana elections as a clear example of having a secret pact of BJP with the regional parties in order to gain power. CBN thereby declared that the Third Front excluding Congress would only help BJP as the votes split between these Opposition parties would turn a huge advantage to the ruling party BJP. This TDP National head feels that without Congress, it is highly impossible to defeat BJP at National level so the pact with AICC is a must and should for now.

With this, he indirectly sent a warning to KCR’s Third Front dreams but the final call for the Federal Front will be in the hands of other anti-Modi leaders too. Comparatively, these leaders are speculated to be in good terms with CBN than KCR as per the Political analysts. On this note, CBN gave a call for his party to prepare in case of any preponement of General Elections.

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