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NTR and ANR Poster From NTR Biopic

NTR and ANR… the solid pillars of Telugu cinema, Two eyes of Telugu cinema, Sun and Moon of Telugu cinema world. That duo is always a tremendous zeal to the fans and audiences. Both NTR and ANR fans get together with their multi starrer films. At that time, the relation between NTR and ANR is like brotherhood and bonding also very strong. That’s why Balayya calls ANR Babai. They did 14 films together.


They are –

Palletoori Pilla in 1950
Samsaram in 1950
Parivarthana in 1954
Missamma in 1955
Charan Daasi in 1956
Tenali Ramakrishna in 1956
Mayabazar in 1957
Bhookailas in 1958
Gundamma Katha in 1962
Sri Krishnarjuna Yuddham in 1963
Ramadasu in 1964
Chanakya Chandragupta in 1977
Rama Krishnulu in 1978
Satyam Shivam in 1981

And, now in NTR biopic, the duo met like this. Really, Bala Krishna and Sumanth are looking like NTR and ANR. Really, it is the happiest thing for Nandamuri and Akkineni fans. Moreover, this is not a class look, it is mass look, Cigarette friends…



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