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Vijay Mallya’s 2 Helicopters Auctioned

A Delhi Based Company has bought Two helicopters of old Kingfisher Airlines were sold on Wednesday for over Rs 8.5 crore, according to the official report.The Airbus helicopters were put on the square by loan specialists to recuperate extraordinary contribution from liquor Barron Vijay Mallya, who owned Kingfisher Airlines. An official latest news update is that the two helicopters were auctioned for over Rs 8.5 crore on Wednesday.

Kingfisher Airlines

The aggregate hold cost for the two choppers was Rs 3.5 crore, according to the written document issued by the Debts Recovery Tribunal. The e-closeout was held in Bengaluru. A delegate of New Delhi-based Choudhary Aviation Facilities asserted that it has risen as the triumphant bidder in the sale and would pay Rs 8.57 crore for the two helicopters.

“Our company purchased the two helicopters of Mallya for Rs. 8.75 crore at the cost of Rs. 4.37 crore each in the electronic offering led by the DRT in Bengaluru,” Choudhary Aviation Director Satyendra Sehrawat said.Debt loaded Kingfisher Airlines went gut up in October 2012. Mallya i wanted by Indian authorities the over Rs 9,000-crore Kingfisher Airlines credit default case.The 3-year-old firm additionally gives ground tasks and ambulance services to hospitals in the national capital area (NCR). The recuperation court, in any case, did not advise the media about the e-auction.

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