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GHMC Is Ready For Ganesh Idols Immersion

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation is preparing for the smooth lead of Idol Immersion over the city and it set to be organized on September 23 and 24. GHMC made a safe plans were taken up at an expense of around Rs 17 crore of which Rs 5.40 crore was authorized cranes at different areas to submerge the idols upon the arrival of nimajjanam in the city. Addressing press-people here on Wednesday, GHMC Commissioner M Dana Kishore said that takes a shot at re carpeting of streets and pothole repairs have been finished on 80 km extend along Ganesh inundation parade courses.

Ganesh inundation parade courses

Specialist swimmers are additionally being sent with 10 special boats in Hussain Sagar Lake to take care of the security measures, Kishore stated, GHMC also planned to set 35 Immersion points with full secure and safety points, about 20 smaller than usual lakes are being given to drenching of idols. He said that out of the blue, GHMC is masterminding cranes individually and not with the assistance of the Irrigation Department, and 117 static cranes and 150 versatile cranes will be positioned over the water bodies till consummation of the nimajjanam.

GHMC to submerge Ganesh idols on September 23

Around 117 static cranes and 96 mobiles cranes will be made accessible at the water bodies in the city by the GHMC to submerge Ganesh idols on September 23. Alongside the cranes, master swimmers, 10 exceptional pontoons will likewise be conveyed at the water bodies.The GHMC has just repaired the streets by concealing potholes over the Ganesh parade course. It is found out that the GHMC has spent around Rs 16.86 crore for making every one of the game plans. Notwithstanding the courses of action, the GHMC likewise chose to give 30 lakhs water sachets to people in general amid the immersion.

GHMC likewise chose to give 30 lakhs water

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