Transformations Of NTR And Charan In RRR Thrills The Fans


S.S Rajamouli’s most anticipated flick RRR is thrilling the fans and cine-lovers a way much before. The latest buzz about the film is making the fans go crazy. As per the latest reports we have, it is known that NTR is going to be seen in a complete contrast way in RRR when compared to his previous movies. Even in the movie launch event, we can see NTR with chubby cheeks and has put on some weight.As per the reports, it is heard that NTR has now put on his weight for more than 100kgs. He will also be seen in a beard all through the film.

s.s rajamouli's most anticipated flick rrr

Rajamouli is termed as Mr.Perfectionist when it comes to his films. He is the one who transformed NTR first with Yamadonga movie. Now all are quite excited to know what might be the transformation of Charan in this film. Whatever it might be, Rajamouli is planning big to enthral the fans of NTR and Charan with RRR. Have to wait and see what more surprises are hidden in this film.


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