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Pawan To Declare His Support Officially On December 5th?

The Telangana Assembly elections are going to be commenced from 7th of this month and all parties almost finished their campaigning. The party Janasena which is yet to declare its support has got a recent update from its Chief Pawan Kalyan. Janasenani who thought of contesting a couple of his candidates in Telangana has now backed off for some reasons well known to himself. Despite contesting for Assembly, Pawan Kalyan claimed that the party will be contesting for the Lok Sabha elections in the upcoming days. Even though it is not contesting, the vote bank that this party carries is now in confusion regarding which party they would vote in snap polls.

For all those, the Chief Pawan took his Twitter yesterday night and stated that his stand on snap polls will be declared on 5th of December. In other words, on the same day, Pawan will officially announce his support to the existing Political sides of Telangana.Already his followers have decoded their Chief’s intentions of supporting the TRS party in the snap polls. Pawan Kalyan praising the TRS’s Governance and the Kalvakuntla family who is uttering Pawan Kalyan’s name every now and then explains it all. But these ardent followers of Pawan Kalyan are waiting for official confirmation from their Supreme.

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