Jagan’s Poor Strategy On Janasenani Failing Big Time


The YSRCP Supreme Jagan who is quite furious for his inability to overcome Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan’s Political attack is implementing a bad strategy to win the limelight. A brief analysis of his recent abusive comments on Pawan Kalyan explains everything.Already Jagan paid a huge price for making unnecessary personal comments on Pawan Kalyan’s personal life. To overshadow Janasenani’s questions on YSRCP’s credibility being the Opposition, Jagan again made some derogatory comments but this time, the attack is more personal than the prior.

This Kadapa leader this time raised the marriage count of Pawan to four from three likewise he claims for the YSRCP’s eight years of Political age for the actual number of seven. Here we can see Jagan’s desperation to increase the numbers according to his favour.This Opposition leader declared that Pawan is acting according to CBN but if we look into the past, many YSRCP leaders including Jagan’s close aid Vijaya Sai Reddy heaped praises on Janasenani for going against TDP. More than this, Jagan failed to answer the questions raised by Pawan Kalyan in his Public meets. All these failed miserably leaving Jagan in more troubles. Now that the anti-incumbency votes are dented by Pawan Kalyan, Jagan is counting stars to regain Popularity among the voters.


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