NTR28 Pooja Ceremony… Pawan Funny Moment


NTR Trivikram Movie Pooja Ceremony Funny Moment with Pawan

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NTR Trivikram Movie Pooja Ceremony Funny Moment with Pawan: Young Tiger NTR who got blockbuster success with ‘Jai Lava Kusa’ movie. His next movie with director Trivikram where shooting can start in January or later. So today that is October 23 officially the movie started with Pooja ceremony. So, Pawan Kalyan is the Cheif Guest to this Pooja ceremony. As Pawan Kalyan is the friend for the director Trivikram.

Pawan Kalyan came to clap for the movie to NTR became of Trivikram. Today morning officially the Pooja ceremony started and in that, a funny moment happened. Pawan Kalyan should clap for the scene where NTR is praying by joining hands in front of the God photos. So after clapping in front of NTR, Pawan sat suddenly sat in the same place. Actually what happened is after clapping Pawan should move aside from camera. But he doesn’t have the place to move on any side. As Pawan don’t have any choice, so to avoid camera Pawan sat in the same place.

So, by seeing Pawan sitting then and there everybody in the set along with NTR started laughing. NTR stopped his laugh until they said cut and after saying cut he immediately started laughed out loud. After that NTR shared a hug with Pawan Kalyan. NTR himself welcome Pawan Kalyan when he came to the set in the car. Even Pawan Kalyan happily chatted with NTR. Pawan Kalyan wished for the success of NTR and Trivikram combination movie.

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