“NTR’s Soul Finds Peace Now,” Says Kodali


“NTR’s Soul Finds Peace Now,” Says Kodali:

Leaders of the YSR Congress alleged on Sunday that Chandrababu Naidu, the chief of the Telugu Desam Party, was deeply involved in numerous corruption scandals during his tenure as leader, and they called for a comprehensive investigation into these alleged wrongdoings.

Kodali Venkateswara, a former minister and YSRC MLA, expressed satisfaction with Chandrababu’s arrest and subsequent remand, stating that “Today, the soul of NTR will rest in peace.” He suggested that there was clear preliminary evidence pointing to Chandrababu’s involvement in a criminal conspiracy and hailed the court’s verdict as a blow to Chandrababu’s arrogance. Venkateswara, as a fan of NTR and YSR, congratulated CM Jagan for taking action against Chandrababu.

Malladi Vishnu, the Vice-Chairman of the State Planning Board and an MLA, claimed that Naidu embezzled ₹371 crore from the state’s treasury under the guise of shell companies, all in the name of skill development.

Jogi Ramesh, the Housing Minister, declared that Chandrababu’s true character and history of corruption were now exposed. He dismissed allegations of political vendetta in Naidu’s arrest, stating that police had been investigating the case for two years, and the “real culprit” had been arrested and remanded.

Adimulapu Suresh, the Municipal Administration Minister, viewed Chandrababu Naidu‘s arrest as a triumph for the people and asserted that there was no political interference in the matter. He mentioned that when Chandrababu was arrested, both his son Nara Lokesh and adopted son Pawan Kalyan took to the streets and caused disturbances.

"NTR's Soul Finds Peace Now," Says Kodali
“NTR’s Soul Finds Peace Now,” Says Kodali

Suresh also accused Chandrababu of involvement in various fraudulent activities, including the construction of TIDCO houses, temporary structures in the name of Amaravati capital, and other scams, all under the guise of aiding the unemployed. He called upon Chandrababu to reflect on his actions and seek redemption for his wrongdoings, noting that he had masterminded multiple schemes to misappropriate public funds.

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