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‘Ola Corporate’ ride service enters Australia, New Zealand, UK

Ride-hailing platform Ola on Tuesday announced to expand its enterprise mobility offering for convenient business travel to Australia, New Zealand, and the UK in the coming weeks.

The ‘Ola Corporate’ service is being used by more than 10,000 businesses in India who have seen a reduction in travel expenses by up to 25 percent, according to the company.

“‘Ola Corporate’ brings the flexibility of choosing from a variety of categories on the Ola app. The corporate dashboard allows for improved efficiency and productivity for businesses, taking away the hassle of scheduling pickups and cumbersome billing and payment processes,” said Ola spokesperson Anand Subramanian.

‘Ola Corporate’ has a centralized billing system, which eliminates the need for paper-based reimbursement.

It offers safety features under its ‘Ride Safe’ initiative to ensure that hygiene and sanitization protocols are followed to make every ride safe for customers and driver-partners.

“With enhanced safety protocols and custom-designed solutions, we are excited to extend ‘Ola Corporate’ to our international markets as well, and help businesses with a simple, effortless, and convenient mobility experience,” Subramanian said.

‘Ola Corporate’ clients will now have a personalized dashboard where they can add and manage employees.

Employees then book their own rides as they would for personal journeys and simply tag the ride as an ‘Ola Corporate’ trip.

The fares are paid automatically through the company’s ‘Ola Corporate’ balance and can be viewed and downloaded at any time from the dashboard.

The customers will also have access to a specialized account management support team at Ola to ensure convenient and smooth operations, said the company that is serving over 250 cities across India, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK including key global markets like London and Sydney.

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