On November 10th, Vaisshnav Tej’s “AADIKESHAVA” is set to release


The release date for Vaisshnav Tej’s “AADIKESHAVA” is November 10.

On November 10th, fans and movie enthusiasts can mark their calendars for the highly anticipated release of “AADIKESHAVA,” featuring the talented Vaisshnav Tej. This upcoming film has generated considerable excitement and buzz in the entertainment industry and for good reason. With Vaisshnav Tej in the lead role, audiences can expect a captivating and memorable performance. “AADIKESHAVA” promises to be a thrilling cinematic experience, blending elements of drama, action, and perhaps even a touch of suspense. As the release date draws near, expectations are running high, and fans eagerly await the chance to witness Vaisshnav Tej’s on-screen magic in this exciting new project.

on november 10th, vaisshnav tej's "aadikeshava" is set to release
action-packed extravaganza starring the talented Tej

Sithara Entertainments, in collaboration with Fortune Four Cinemas, has established a track record of producing compelling and remarkable content-driven movies. Their latest announcement involves an action-packed extravaganza starring the talented Panja Vaisshnav Tej. This young actor has been steadily gaining prominence in the Telugu film industry and is eager to showcase his versatility across various film genres. Following the massive success of his debut blockbuster, “Uppena,” Vaisshnav Tej is now gearing up for a grand action-oriented spectacle titled “Aadikeshava.” The film, both written and directed by debutant filmmaker Srikanth N Reddy, is set to make a significant impact on Telugu cinema, particularly among fans of mass entertainment and action. The sneak peek of the movie has already introduced Panja Vaisshnav Tej in a dynamic and never-before-seen avatar.

Adding to the excitement, “Aadikeshava” also features the young sensation Sreeleela in the leading role as Chitra. The teaser released on her birthday showcased her in a lively and playful character, further heightening anticipation for this upcoming cinematic treat.


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