OnePlus TV Specs Leak: Codenamed Dosa

OnePlus TV Specs Leak: Codenamed Dosa
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OnePlus TV specs will arrive on the techno market scene with unique features. It will certainly interest the users and will have a code name Dosa.

Much eagerness is felt the user that he or she is getting ever close to the launch of the much-awaited OnePlus TV Specs at some point next month. It has already has confirmed from the company that the OnePlus TV will rather have a 55-inch QLED panel, which is expected to have the 4K resolution with HDR. Now, more specs of the TV have of course been leaked online, thus providing a possible glimpse of the other configuration details of at least one of the variants of the OnePlus TV.

OnePlus TV Specs features

A screenshot taken from the Google Play Developer Console does suggest that the OnePlus TV Specs tends to go by the codename “Dosa”, which is a popular dish in South India. It is therefore expected to be powered by a MediaTek MT5670 SoC which does include the Mali-G51 Quad-Core graphics. 

OnePlus TV specs will arrive on the techno market scene with unique features. It will certainly interest the users and will have a code name Dosa.

Perhaps, the most interesting bit to note is that this Developer Console listing pulled out by the Twitter handle @androidtv_rumor which does suggest that the TV display resolution is 1,920 x 1,080 (Full HD). However, this could be because OnePlus could rather be implementing a dynamic 4K switch mode for the TV as and when the content demands it—but then again, the details here would ideally contain the exact panel specs, and not the resolution that is displayed, at any given point of time.

The company prefers to continue to leave crumbs of information as the anticipation does grow. The first official confirmation from OnePlus a few days ago did reveal the first technical details of the OnePlus TV—the QLED display. That announcement also does confirm the existence of a 55-inch variant at least. It also means that there would not be more screen sizes as well. The details which emerged earlier about the filings done by the company for the OnePlus TV also do suggest a 43-inch screen size option, as well as a larger 75-inch version as well. 

The QLED TV panel technology is made use of by Samsung and is short for quantum-dot LED screen. QLED panels do rely on LED backlighting, and the quality of that will have a huge bearing on the contrast ratio as well as high dynamic range (HDR) performance. Simply this implies that the display tech is not at the same level as the similar-sounding but is very different OLED display tech. In an OLED display, individual pixels do emit their light, which does result in better local dimming as well as illumination of different parts of the screen, depending on the content being viewed at the time. 

It has been revealed that at least one of the variants will indeed come with a 55” QLED display. So now, the OnePlus TV Specs has will come along with unique displays and features.











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