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Onion and Tomato prices to come down in next 15 – 20 days!

Onion and Tomato prices to come down in next 15 – 20 days!

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After witnessing the rise in onion and tomato prices, the common man was forced to cry even without cutting an onion. The vegetable is one of the most common ingredients in every day’s food. The price of per kilogram of onion and tomato usually trades between Rs 25 – Rs 35 depending on the retailer’s store and the region. In the recent times, these prices touched Rs 70 and at times Rs 80 in the retail market.

The trade unions expressed that unseasonal rains and dry spells in the country damaged a large part of the crop which led to the widening of the gap between demand and supply. ‘The new crop of tomato and onion is currently sowed. Onion plantation has been going good in Maharashtra, the leading producer. We would get the yield in a couple of weeks, and the crop will reach the markets after 3-4 days. The prices will come down in the coming 15-20 days,’ said a farmer.

Various state governments have been working on the price-rise situation, and have stated that it is a ‘temporary’ problem and the situation will be back to normal pretty soon.

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