Online Classes Over Dasara Holidays Due to Rain Disruptions


Online Classes Over Dasara Holidays Due to Rain Disruptions:

Due to heavy rainfall causing disruptions in regular school schedules throughout July and August, schools are turning to online classes over the upcoming Dasara vacation to prevent students from falling behind in their studies. The Dasara vacation in the state is scheduled for October 13-25.

Some schools are considering conducting short online classes lasting one to two hours until October 18. Prolonged rainfall led to the cancellation and interruption of physical classes, which raised concerns among teachers and students regarding its impact on the academic calendar. For students finishing board exams on October 12, online classes will be extended by up to five additional days. Meanwhile, CBSE and ICSE students have already begun their classes.

The decision to conduct online classes is driven by the need to complete the curriculum for the second term before the first week of December. A mere 50 days is insufficient since there is also a need to cover missed units from the previous term, as explained by Prasanna Kumari, principal of a private school in Vidyanagar. Gayatri P.G., another teacher, emphasized the importance of adequately preparing students for various assessments and unit tests, as any further delays could affect their performance.

Ramya Sri, a member of a parents’ association, acknowledged the challenge of her 6th grader completing all units and suggested that while students shouldn’t be forced into attending online classes during the holidays, these classes could help them catch up and stay on track for exams. She believes the decision should be left to the students and parents.

online classes over dasara holidays due to rain disruptions
Online Classes Over Dasara Holidays Due to Rain Disruptions

Sushma Pandiri, a teacher at a local school, reassured parents and students that the online sessions would not involve additional homework. Their primary goal is to ensure students can cover the chapters and units disrupted by the rains without overburdening them with extra assignments during this period.

On the other hand, students expressed their dislike for online classes and preferred the option of additional in-person classes or skipping physical education classes to make up for the missed curriculum.

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