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Oo Oo Oo “Adhugo” Titel Song #Ravi Babu @Poorna

Oo Oo Oo “Adhugo” Titel Song

“Adhugo” title song – short and nice. Director and actor Ravi Babu’s another experiment is on the way. Now, the team has released the title song. It was short but good to watch. However, Poorna leads this song and she is in a very ultra modern look. Moreover, the new star Bunty, the piglet’s dance performance is highlight in the song. It did moonwalk also, and different dance moments attracts the viewers. Certainly, no one can easily switch off the song while watching, because it seems amazing. In the trailer, we have seen that piglet Bunty stunts and some dance moments. Now, the full version of its dance, we can watch in this song. Prashanth Vihari music was really superb.

Really, Ravi Babu’s thoughts are very abnormal and creative. For the first time, in India, this time type of motion-captured character. In past, Superstar Rajnikanth’s Kocchadiyan also a motion-captured film but that was complete mode. Means, in this Adhugo, only one Bunty piglet is motion captured character, except for that remaining all the movie is normal. Actually, we have watched many these type of films in Hollywood only but never in Indian films. It is the first movie in India, moreover from Telugu industry. Really, it is a proud feeling, thank you Ravi Babu sir and Suresh Babu sir. Suresh Productions are producing this film.

Cast: Abhishek Varma, Nabha Natesh, Ravi Babu, Bunty
Music: Prashanth Vihari
Screenplay: Satyanand
Camera: N. Sudhakar Reddy
Producers: Suresh Productions and Flying Frogs
Director: Ravi Babu

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