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OPPO joins Deutsche Telekom to boost 5G deployment in Europe

Chinese smartphone maker OPPO on Tuesday announced that it has formed a partnership with Deutsche Telekom, a leading telecom operator in Europe to accelerate 5G deployment.

Europe has a high-end smartphone market led by domestic operators such as Deutsche Telekom. Given the countries’ strong manufacturing history, these markets focus on brands with high-quality products and services.

“Leveraging our expertise in 5G technology and smartphone innovation, we are working to strengthen our collaboration with major local telecom operators including Deutsche Telekom to make our world-leading smartphone brand a top choice for European consumers in the 5G era,” OPPO Vice President and President of Global Sales Alen Wu said in a statement.

According to European 5G Observatory Quarterly Report, it is estimated that 99 percent of households in each state will have access to reliable voice and data services by 2021 as the roll-out of the technology accelerates.

“Deutsche Telekom has been actively leading the deployment of 5G networks in Europe and is committed to bringing the best quality and performance to its customers,” said Sean Seaton, Senior Vice President Deutsche Telekom.

OPPO said the partnership with Deutsche Telekom will support the brand to deliver its premium technology, products, design, and services experiences to European consumers thereby, growing its brand recognition in Europe’s mainstream market.

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