‘Padmavathi’ may not even release


‘Padmavathi’ may not even release

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Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s historical drama starring Deepika Padukone ‘Padmavathi’ might end up not releasing. The recent reports emerging from various sections cast clouds on the release of the film itself.

With the budget shooting up to 200 crores, and the film’s sets being burnt, and the dark clouds on the release of the film, tensions are running high in the film’s camp.

‘padmavathi’ may not even releaseThe Karni Sena protests have gained momentum. After the recent protests under Karni Sena about the objectionable content in the film, many other groups have joined them. The BJP and Congress are on the same terms as far as this film is considered. BJP leaders demanded that the CBFC should show the film to them before giving it a censor certificate.

‘padmavathi’ may not even releaseThe story of ‘Padmavathi’ is a queen of the same name hailing from Rajasthan. In the film’s trailers, it is depicted as if the queen and Alauddin Khilji are having a relationship. But, Shri Karni Sena stated that‘we have a huge library with hundreds of books on Rani Padmavathi. In no book, there was a mention of the relation between Khilji and the Rani. And moreover, the breaking of the mirror by some marching miscreants shown in a scene is also completely false. Mirror was invented much later after this incident.’

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