US Truck Attacker, Sayfullo is our Soldier!

New York attacker is a 'soldier of the caliphate

US Truck Attacker, Sayfullo is our Soldier!

The SITE Intelligence Group stated that the ISIS terrorist group is claiming accountability for terror attacks happening around the globe. The recent terror attack that involved terrorist Sayfullo barging on to people on a street on the night of Halloween was also claimed by ISIS as their attack. The initial investigation by the FBI officials stated that the terrorist Sayfullo was rather inspired by various 1990’s bombings and ISIS videos, and his revenge for the deaths in Iraq.

New York attacker is a 'soldier of the caliphateSayfullo also stated that ‘Killing those people on that night with the truck gave me immense happiness. I wanted to kill as many as I can.’ ISIS said that Sayfullo was their soldier, and they were successful in creating terror in the minds of American. ‘The beefing up of security and stiffening of immigration rules, clearly depicts the intensity of terror we have created in the American government,’ stated ISIS in their news publication.

Steffen Paddock killed 58 members in Las Vegas when he went on a shooting spree. Referring to this massacre, ISIS claimed that Steffen Paddock was also their soldier. An in-depth investigation by FBI revealed that Steffen was nowhere connected to ISIS. Whether ISIS claims responsibility for terror attacks or not, extremism and terrorism have taken a new shape spreading to all regions around the globe.

Posted November 3, 2017 at 18:30

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