Next Nuvve Movie Telugu Bullet Review and Rating


‘Next Nuvve’ Film Review

Director: Prabhakar Podakandla

Producer: Bunny Vasu

Music Director: Sai Karthik

Starring: Aadi, Vaibhavi Shandilya, Rashmi Gautam, Brahmaji

‘Next Nuvve’ released amid high expectation. The film marks the entry of V4 banner that was created by Geetha Arts, UV Creation and Studio Green production houses together.

The film introduces small screen actor Prabhakar as director. Aadhi is playing the male lead role while Vaibhavi Shandilya is the heroine. The film also features Brahmaji, Reshmi, Ravibabu and Jayaprakash Reddy in key roles

Kiran (Aadhi) is an aspiring TV serial actor. He gets into a relationship with Vaibhavi Shandilya, and they both fall in love. The typical hardships faced by Kiran restrict them from living their life to the fullest. Meanwhile, Kiran is continuously threatened by Jayaprakash Reddy for failing to repay the loans.

Kiran comes to know that, his father has an ancestral property (an old building). He plans to renovate the old building into a hotel, hoping that he can clear all his debts. He obtains money from Jayaprakash Reddy’s son for the renovation work.

With the hotel being established, Kiran and Vaibhavi hope for a better life. Kiran, Vaibhavi, Sarath (Brahmaji) and Sarath’s sister (Reshmi) enter the hotel. With time, guests staying in the hotel start dying one after another. This leaves Kiran and his friends in shock, and what follows next is the story of the film.


The director clearly lacks grip on the script and the subject. The director tried to instill the fear showing mysterious deaths as the backdrop. If that’s the case, the choice of the director to convey the ‘mysterious deaths’ on a comical note is highly dubious. The routine comedy is another blow to the film. The film reminds the audience that they are watching a ‘horror’ film with added comedy scenes in between. 

The whole story leads to a flashback and a climax. One will be disappointed hoping for a good climax. The flashback and climax scenes clearly fade out because of poor storytelling. Overall the film can be treated as another ‘routine horror comedy’ that lacked the content. Shakeela plays a small and a prominent role in the film.

The only breather is Reshmi, who will raise the heartbeat of the audience in her own way. Brahmaji and Ravibabu are successful in creating an entertaining comedy track. While the heroine does look good, Aadhi has shown considerable improvement in his acting. The high production values in the film clearly illustrate the class of the future films under V4. The Director in his first directorial venture clearly disappointed and needs to do some serious homework for his next film.


  • Brahmaji and Ravibabu
  • Reshmi


  • Narration and Screenplay
  • Routine Comedy
  • Direction

Telugu Bullet Punch Line:

‘Next Nuvve’ exposes rust in direction and script work. Too routine to be remembered!

Telugu Bullet Rating: 2.5/5

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