YS Jagan intentionally Christianity?


YS Jagan intentionally Christianity

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Even though YS Rajasekhar Reddy and his family have been often criticized for their partiality towards the ‘Reddy’ caste, they always stated that they belong to Christianity and not Hinduism. With Jagan getting ready for the 2019 elections, it looks like he is ignoring Christ and Christianity.

While few claim it is an intentional and deliberate act, others state that it is mere coincidence and the media is over imagining. Going in to further details, Jagan is preparing himself for the historic ‘Paadhayathra’ and is on a spree of visiting various temples.

Recently after visiting Lord Venkateswara by going to Tirupathi, Jagan flew to Vizag to meet and sought the blessings of Sri Sarada Peetam Peetadhipathi Swarupananda Swamy. And interestingly Jagan sought the blessings from Sri Sri Sri Thidhandi Chinajeeyar Swamy as soon as he planned for the Padayatra. One cannot assume that his visits are not religious but only on the account of devotion.

Jagan nor his family were seen at any temple during the 2014 elections. Everyone in YS family used to carry Bible in their hands. But now? No bible is to be seen anywhere in his hands! No one from his family responded after ‘Pastors Episode’ came into limelight.

Political experts are shocked at seeing Jagan’s behavior in order to win the 2019 elections by hook or crook!

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