Is JeM Chief Masood Azhar dead?

Pak Media Says Azhar Died

The IAF’s retreat of Balkot in response to the JeM’s attack of Pulwama shook Pakistan to the core. In the attack, there is another stunning piece of news more to the destruction of training camp.

Indian Government claims that its Air Force bombed the JeM training center and main camp. Even though Pakistan is hesitating to accept it, India has tons of evidences like satellite images, videos taken at the bombing etc to prove. Now the latest news is that, the Jaish-e-Mohammad founder and Chief Masood Azhar died recently. So far there is no official announcement from the Pak Government, but by connecting all the dots, the equation is clear. Already the Pakistan Army’s spokesperson did accept the fact that Masood Azhar is taking the dialysis in Pak Army camp hospital. If this is not enough, Azhar’s brother Maulana Ammar’s recent video confessing that complete Balkot camp was destroyed is strengthening India’s evidence.

Compiling all this information, we can come to a conclusion that Masood Azhar who got severely injured in the Balkot attack has bediedhile getting treatment. This would be one of the finest attacks of India on Terrorism.


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