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Pakistan warns America. Passes shoot-at-sight order!

Pakistan warns America Passes shoot-at-sight order!

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Pakistan Air Force Chief, Sohail Amaan issued an order to the Pakistan Army to shoot any drones other nations if they are to be seen in the Pakistan’s airspace. The Air Force Chief also said that the shoot-at-sight orders are even applicable to the drones of their long-time friend, the USA.

Speaking at a military event, Sohail indirectly criticized the USA. ‘We will not allow any other nation into our airspace. I have issued orders of shoot-at-sight to the military which allows them to shoot down the drones of any nation that trespasses our airspace,’ said Sohail Amaan through the state-run media.

The United State of America has been launched drones from the year 2004, i.e., after the US began its fight against terrorist group Al-Qaeda and its leader Osama Bin Laden. The US has been using the Pakistan government’s airspace since then to identify terrorist camps and destroy them.

Close sources have reported that the US government is shocked with Pakistan Air Force Chief Sohail Amaan issuing ‘shoot-at-sight’ order on other nations drones. This announcement came in light of a recent attack in which the US drones killed three terrorists in Afghanistan.

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