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Paul, The Much Needed Entertainment In Serious Campaigning

The AP State is in the elections fever and all the parties like TDP, YSRCP, Janasena and others are excessively touring the State promoting their parties. Among all these, one Political leader is providing much-needed entertainment to Politicians and common people.

He is none other than world-famous Evangelist turned Politician Kilari Anand Paul. This founder President of Praja Shanthi Party is stealing the show with his mark actions and campaignings. From Press meets Public speeches, Paul is making sure that he tops the everyday news with his peculiar acts. From boxing in the air to joking with the journos, Paul is interacting with the common people without any ego giving away selfies to anyone who asks. Equal to the mainstream parties, Paul’s videos, memes, and trolls are trending top on the social media sites thereby providing utmost fun to the AP State despite all this election Hungama.

He might lose the elections but he became dearer to the AP people than the past. Promising to make Anakapalli as America and providing a Singapore level development, Paul is busy promoting his PSP and is confident on winning the elections by claiming that he has a vote bank of 55%.

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