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HomelatestPawan And Media Waging Legal War On Each Other:

Pawan And Media Waging Legal War On Each Other:

Pawan And Media Waging Legal War On Each Other:

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The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan seems unsettled on his new rivals TV9 and ABN. After his series of tweets from the last couple of days, he is starting a full-fledged legal war as the situation has become Do or Die for this lone leader.

Pawan Kalyan, who is known as the least interested Politician in AP regarding money and power has become a soft target for anyone. Since his party’s formation day, he only used to counter his rivals via his Public meets once in a while. But the whole Sri Reddy- RGV issue made Pawan destroy his Patience cocoon and started the verbal war from his side. For his funny yet powerful tweets from Pawan Kalyan Studio with cameraman Twitter, he irked ABN RK, TV9 Chief Editor Ravi Prakash, and TV9 major stakeholder Srini Raju. As Pawan is trying to expose these men, mentioned channels are trying as much as they can to degrade and twist Pawan Kalyan.

Already Srini Raju has sent a legal notice for which the Janasena Supreme reverted back to his reply letter. The other day, ABN Radha Krishna has filed a case against Pawan for his derogatory comments on him and his Channel. Now TV9 too is thinking about approaching the Court of law to counter Pawan.

Fearless Pawan today morning declared that he is also going all legal against these channels, their heads, and the conspirators behind all this 6 months media Hungama against Pawan. Some journalists who belong to this media started protests against him. Any leader would crave for media attention but this Janasenani is clashing with media for justice. Pawan might not have any media to support him in much-needed situations of Elections, but he has millions of followers who support and promote him and his agenda. Pawan made it very clear that he will fight this

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