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Sri Reddy’s fresh accusations on Pawan Kalyan:

Sri Reddy’s fresh accusations on Pawan Kalyan:

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The attention seeker Sri Reddy is not yet satisfied with the limelight she has got by abusing Pawan Kalyan’s mother. Acting as a puppet in the hands of anti-Pawan elements, she is trying hard to defame him via her senseless Facebook posts. Her new questions to Pawan as follows.

Sri Reddy completely lost it the moment she abused Pawan Kalyan’s mother. In this dire situation, she cannot go back as it would keep her far from the much-loved limelight. To keep herself on the news with the help of Yellow media, she continued her verbal war on Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan. In her latest Facebook posts, she declared that Pawan who cannot win all by himself is claiming that he is the whole reason for TDPs success.

Sri Reddy dared to accuse Pawan by saying that the so-called protector of women has actually damaged the lives of three women by marrying thrice. Not stopping there, Sri Reddy questioned Pawan’s stamina by pointing at his flop movies. According to Sri Reddy, Pawan is an Andhra Drohi who sold his soul to BJP by supporting Modi. Sri directly questioned if Pawan really follows his inspiration Che Guevara as she condemns Pawan’s ideologies as garbage. This faded out the unknown actress who uses derogatory words in her posts and indecent videos on her Facebook wall declares that Pawan is suffering from Paranoid Personality Disorder and he should be aware of his own disorder to get treated.

Well, the ardent followers of Pawan are not in a mood to consider her comments at all. Sri is only fighting a one-sided battle which is filled with indecency, lies and fake claims. She should get educated that Pawan is the one and only one leader who condemned Special Package for Special Status in the whole AP. On the same note, he is the only people’s leader who publicly slammed Amit Shah, Arun Jaitley, Modi and Venkaiah Naidu for ditching Andhra Pradesh.

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