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HomelatestPawan’s Charisma Sinking At An Alarming Rate:

Pawan’s Charisma Sinking At An Alarming Rate:

Pawan Charisma Sinking At An Alarming Rate

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The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan who created a big wave in AP Politics with his alliance with TDP and BJP is now getting ridiculed by many. A look at his recent course of actions explains everything.

After floating a party like Janasena for the people of two Telugu States, Actor turned Politician Pawan Kalyan gained huge popularity among common people. Apart from delivering electrifying speeches, the way he dealt some cases like Uddanam, Mega Aqua Park etc gave people an assurance that this leader is really born for the people. But his sudden U-turn on TDP alliance and his never-ending complaints on the party TDP which he supported in 2014 is confusing people. Pawan who claimed that he heard about the corruption of Nara Lokesh failed to disclose any proofs. At the same time, his party spokesperson declares that they have proofs on every allegation made by their leader.

Also with the Joint Fact-Finding Committee, Pawan failed to take up to next level after getting the initial results. Sincere Politicians like JP got vexed with Pawan’s confusing nature finally left Pawan alone and started his own committee to work for AP. If Pawan continues to work in the same way without caring the real workers of Janasena in the core level, then the Political experts declare that he will fail more than his brother Chiranjeevi in the upcoming elections of 2019. It is time for Pawan to have a clear vision and agenda to win the hearts of AP Voters.

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