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HomelatestPawan in competition with Jagan to meet PM

Pawan in competition with Jagan to meet PM

Pawan in competition with Jagan to meet PM

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The two party chiefs Pawan Kalyan and Jagan are indirectly crossing swords with each other for the upcoming general elections. A brief look at these two leaders future course of action explains it all.

Both Pawan Kalyan and Jagan are trying their best to conquer the power of A.P state. As a result, they are almost working on the same route to winning the trust of the people. Y.S Jagan has started his Padha Yatra many months ago across the state and Pawan too started his Chalore Yatra recently to interact directly with the people. Another appealing same thing is their meeting with the Indian Prime Minister Modi. We have heard Pawan claiming many times that he will meet PM and submit his detailed report of the state’s present situation. Within no time, Y.S Jagan has also started his trails to meet Modi for discussing possible alliance and personal favors. Now the million dollar question is who will get a chance to meet Modi first. For some political lovers who find this question amusing, here is the answer. The leader who meets first will have brighter chances of having an alliance with the center. Having an alliance with the center will benefit both the party and the leaders.

Pawan who claims that his target is not power might get the benefit of expanding his party. On the other note, if Jagan gets a chance for alliance then he might ask Modi to wave of all the cases on him. Also if his YSRCP loses in the 2019 elections, his party might have some grip on the center.

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