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HomelatestJanasena, A Final Destination To Defected MLAs?

Janasena, A Final Destination To Defected MLAs?

Jumping of leaders is very common in any day Politics, especially in South India to be in ruling party despite people’s wish. Political analysts are here to discuss the future of these defectors for the upcoming elections of 2019.More than 22 MLAs and MPs changed their party from YSRCP to TDP after the election results. Be it the mastermind and luring capacity of TDP Chief CBN or the lack of leadership qualities from YSRCP head Jagan, these defected leaders helped the TDP in a big way. Some got the cabinet seats whereas some are happy with the packages. Looking at the 2019’s Political scenario, CBN has started the candidates selected for every constituency and he is ready to dump some defected MLAs along with some loyal followers to gain power for the second time in a row. As these defectors are from YSRCP, there is no chance that

Jagan would excuse them and give the party ticket yet again. Other parties like BJP and Congress which has no future were not taken into consideration. The only remaining party which has got some buzz among the two Telugu States is the Janasena.According to these senior analysts of today’s Politics, these defected leaders from TDP and YSRCP are finding their destination in Janasena. Pawan who declared that he is not going to give seats to former Politicians will give tickets to these defected MLAs in order to take revenge on CBN and checkmate YSRCP. Looking at all these, the 2019’s fight will become a triple heat competition among TDP, YSRCP, and Janasena.

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