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HomelatestPawan Kalyan Comments On Caste And Religion

Pawan Kalyan Comments On Caste And Religion

Pawan Kalyan Comments on Religion near Murali Fortune Hotel

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Pawan Kalyan Comments on Religion near Murali Fortune Hotel: Pawan Kalyan arrives at Murali Fortune Hotel. The activists who have been shouting slogans like CM Pawan.

Pawan Comments:

*I have come to bring out the issue of Uddanam kidney victims.

*I don’t think that the problems of Uddanam kidney should be politicized.

*The politics should connect but not destruct so, I’m trying for contemporary politics.

*The CM responded to the victims’ problems.

*When we talk to Harvard team, they ensured to help.

*The CM has allocated 5 crores.

*I took Uddanam personally. And this is my first victory.

*There is no trouble with the local politics.

*Thank you for all who have supported me.

*I’m not coming into direct politics.

*We already have talented people.

*In October I enter into direct politics.

*I will spend one-third of my time on politics.

*I talked with CM about GST, I discussed farmers in government range.

*I don’t speak about garagapurra matter.

*I’m against to divisive politics.

*I can’t handle the gentle thing. I am afraid that there will be some forces coming to the place where the event happened.

*The caste is being given to national activists.

*It is not correct to attribute the caste to Gandhiji, Alluri.

*A person like Ambedkar who worked for the country was not the only one who belongs to a particular group.

*Dalit groups should also think that everyone should take part in correcting society.

*I’ll not use cases wherever I will go.

*Godavari Mega Aqua Food Park should be explained to the public.

*All of us in our state is dependent on the profession.

*Kapu reservation is a delicate matter. Even I belongs to that caste.

*Why the reservation is pending for so long and why they are not raising voice.

*Don’t tolerate if they attempt to provoke the Kapu reservation.

*Everyone in the country can do Paadayatra.

*My car is not allowing me to come out and I’m not understanding how to do Paadayatra.

*There are some problems to go for garagapurra, my ideal is MJ Akbar.

*Mujfer Nagar, where small conflicts happen, leads to escalation.

*I don’t care if my fans call me CM.

*I’ll fight for the garagapurra people.

*The law should be the same throughout the country but not for the particular state.

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