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Actor Tanish SIT Investigation

Actor Tanish SIT Investigation

Posted Yesterday at 13:41

Actor Tanish SIT Investigation: The actor Tanish, who attended the 11th-day SIT investigation started at 10 am. Sit officers who have already questioned ten people from the film industry. SIT officials have main allegation in Tanish that he used to supply drugs to film industry from Jishan main creator for the drugs case.

The officials raised questions on this subject are…

–> SIT investigating by collecting the call data of Calvin, Jishan, Tanish.

–> How he knows Calvin and Jishan…?

–> Why did he talk to them many times in phone…?

–> Do he supply drugs to others taking from Jishan…?

–> Why Jishan, Calvin has Tanish number…?

–> When did he meet Navdeep and Tarun…? What type of parties he attend…?

–> For whom he supplied the drugs…?

–> Does he use drugs…? Still using or left…?

–> In abroad does he visit pubs…?

Tanish reveals the things he knows in the investigation. SIT consider drugs users as victims. But SIT clarified that they won’t spare the drugs suppliers. In this scenario, Tanish investigation became investing.

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