Ram Gopal Varma Responded To Posani Krishna Murali


Ram Gopal Varma Responded To Posani Krishna Murali

Ram Gopal Varma responded Posani Krishna Murali: Our controversial director Ram Gopal Varma has commented on the writer Posani Krishna Murali. We know that he said that SIT officers are overreacting on the drugs case. SIT officers are taking more time for investigation. Till now the film industry had not reacted on this issue. But now the head of the film industry Shivaji Raja has reacted on Ram Gopal Varma comments. After that Posani Krishna Murali also has reacted badly to the comments of Varma.

Ramgopal Varma has reacted on Posani comments. He said that Posani Krishna Murali doesn’t have a standard to understand his comments. He also said that Posani Krishna Murali is unnecessarily reacting on his comments. Varma said Posani Krishna Murali cannot understand the depth of the matters. Varma also clarified that he is very clear about everything. He doesn’t need anybody’s help in reacting on any case warned Varma. Varma said that comments are clearly reached to the government and to the SIT officers. Varma doesn’t want to clarify any others.

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