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Suspense Behind Tollywood Drugs Case

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Suspense Behind Tollywood Drugs Case

The KCR government took the Tollywood drugs case seriously is now facing a criticism that they left the case. Akun Sabharwal gave a hint about the second round of the inquiry. it seems to be the cancellation of the inquiry. Akun kept the issue secret since the issue belongs to some confidential people. This logic of Akun is not understood by the people.

The Tollywood Drugs case is not taken as a social issue from the beginning, it is taken in political angle. It is strongly argued that celebrities are blamed to save the people in Miyapur Land Scam and Nerella issue. The interrogation also went on the same way taking more time to the officials and proved all the speculations to be true.

But after the Charmi court episode, everything is happening quickly. Akun Sabharwal who said that part 2 will be sure now seems to change the decision. The opposition party and the ruling party seems to put pressure. let’s wait and watch the happenings in Tollywood drugs case.

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