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Pawan Kalyan Fans Attack Katthi Mahesh with Eggs!

Pawan Kalyan Fans Attack Katthi Mahesh with Eggs!

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The row between Katthi Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan fans is likely heading to a major event in the near future. Despite many personnel from film industry requesting Katthi Mahesh to stop his ill-motived attack on Pawan Kalyan. But the self-claimed film critic was in no mood to heed to anyone, and he continued his attack.

In a recent TV channel show, Katthi Mahesh went on to say, ‘Who the hell is Pawan Kalyan? I don’t understand how these people are treating him like a god? He is after all completed his 10th grade’.

On listening to this, YouTube, Facebook and other social networking sites were flooded with messages from Pawan Kalyan Fans across the two Telugu states, and even from abroad. Everyone was bashing Katthi Mahesh for his ill-motived attack on Pawan Kalyan.

‘His comments are truly humiliating and disrespectful. Time has come where he needs to put an end to this. If not, his existence is highly questionable,’ said a hero from film industry on account of anonymity.

After he completed his interview and was heading out from TV9 studio, he was attacked by Pawan Kalyan fans. They threw eggs on him the moment they spotted him. Though the security around him protect him, he was struck with two eggs. In his protest against the attack, Katthi Mahesh once again went into the TV9 studio and demanded that Pawan Kalyan should take responsibility for these attacks on him.

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