Janasenani’s Humor At The Peaks: Imitates CBN For The Fans


The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan has now transformed into a full-fledged Politician but he didn’t leave the talent of acting skills. His recent acts in yesterday’s Press meet explains everything.Post the well-received train journey from Vijayawada to Tuni, the Janasenani gave a thunderous Press meet addressing thousands of his ardent followers.


Unlike other Politicians, this Young and dynamic leader knows when to make the crowd cheer up and when to make them silent. Pawan always makes sure to add some humor to his speeches whenever he feels the seriousness lasts too long. While talking about how the ruling party TDP Chief is destroying the Youth, Pawan mimicked Babu for the sake of fun and entertainment amidst a strong speech.

pawan kalyan has also announced his upcoming campaign

We have seen Babu asking the youth to do sacrifices in order to fight for the well being of AP State against the Centre. In Babu’s tone and intonation, this ex-star hero imitated CBN’s dialogue. Not stopping there, he countered Babu by changing the same dialogue according to the Party’s principles. Pawan asked the youth not to sacrifice anything for anyone. Instead, he would do the necessary sacrifices for the future of AP Youth. All that the Janasenani asked the Youth is to vote for him.



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