Narendra Modi Finally Opened Up About The Grand Alliance


We have seen the unimaginable alliance of TDP and All India Congress Party in the last couple of weeks which became the discussing point of Indian Political circles. None other than the Indian PM, Modi shared his first ever response on this Grand Alliance.Babu and Rahul shook hands despite their decades-long rivalry for the sake of Saving Democracy in India. With the sole intention of dethroning Modi and wiping out the BJP from the center, these two party chiefs kept their fists at ready for the Political fight of 2019.

Modi who was questioned about this alliance has expressed

Modi who was questioned about this alliance has expressed his views on this alliance. Declaring that this Grand Alliance is nothing but a Political drama and conspiracy for the sake of Political gains, he asked the media not to worry about it. Calling Rahul as the biggest liar of Indian Politics, Modi is more than confident that people won’t take AICC Chief’s promises for granted.

Modi shot two leaders CBN

The Indian PM showcased fewer worries on this alliance because he firmly believes that the society of India doesn’t take in someone who utter lies and abuse the Indian Army along with criticizing good deeds of Central Government. Modi shot two leaders CBN and Rahul at the same time by explaining that he wants to end the dynasty Politics in India. Needless to say, Rahul is the precedent of Gandhi’s and CBN is worried about Lokesh. That is why a tea seller became a CM of Gujarat and PM of India.


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