Pawan Kalyan In Chal Mohan Ranga? Truth Or Publicity Gimmick?

Pawan Kalyan In Chal Mohan Ranga  Pre Release Event

Pawan Kalyan In Chal Mohan Ranga  Pre Release Event

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Anyone who follows Telugu cinema can find one thing common in every Nitin film. The young hero tries to bring the topic of Pawan Kalyan someway or the other in his movies. Be it following Pawan’s dialogue style, or mannerisms, Nitin never failed to impress Power star fans with such antics. It looks the same trend is continuing.

Talking about his upcoming movie ‘Chal Mohan Ranga’, Nitin made some interesting comments about Pawan Kalyan. ‘He is not in the film, but feels like he is’, said Nitin talking in an interview. The latest comments from the actor have already become viral and gave enough feed to the social media to create gossips and rumors.

Soon, people started giving their opinions on Pawan Kalyan will be playing a cameo role in the movie are not. Given the fact that Nitin admires Pawan Kalyan to the peak, there are high chances of the Power Star being seen in the movie. Pawan Kalyan also attended the Chal Mohan Ranga pre-release event and stated that it is because Nitin has invited him, and knowing how big a fan he is of him, he has come to the event.Interestingly, Pawan Kalyan is also co-producing the movie along with Sresht Movies and Trivikram Srinivas.

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