Google says, Pawan Kalyan is more a Film Star than Politician


Pawan Kalyan is more a Film Star than Politician

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Everyone in the Telugu states knows about Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s charisma and the massive fan following he has, especially among youth. His screen presence, dialogue diction and dressing, are often considered as ‘trendsetters’ in Tollywood. Speaking at the Janasena party meet in Karimnagar yesterday, Pawan Kalyan shocked everyone by saying that, he will not be seen in movies anymore.

His decision dearly foiled his fans, who were expecting him to act in movies, and as well as participate in active politics. Shockingly, a recent ‘Google’ analytics data has once again brought facts to light. After analyzing millions of searches, Google reported that Pawan Kalyan is more a film star than a Politician.

Pawan Kalyan also announced that from here on he would be only seen in politics. In fact, his statements hardly had any effect in the political circles. Irrespective of flops and his film career, Pawan Kalyan films still have a large market. Despite Agnyaathavaasi turning out to be an utter flop movie, it still raked up Rs. 68 crores alone in the Telugu states. Agnyaathavaasi movie collections stand at Rs. 90 crores worldwide after 10 days. Ever other star hero’s films fail to reach this figure, despite their films beings hits and super hits.

Astonishingly, despite the launch of Janasena party, many Telugu people even today believe that Pawan Kalyan is more a film star than a politician.

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