Balakrishna Says ‘Every Film Of Mine Is A Record


Balakrishna Says ‘Every Film Of Mine Is A Record’ At Box-Office

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In recent times, irrespective of a film’s result, the producers are celebrating Success Meets, and Thanks Meets. This is also seen as a ‘promotional activity’ with an aim to prolong the film’s run in the theatres. This trend is quite common, especially for star hero movies and big-ticket films. Even Balakrishna’s Jai Simha is also following the same trend. Given the negative talk, the film failed to impress trade circuits with its box-office collections. In fact, the overseas collections of the film did not even cross Rs. 1 crore share. Such is the pathetic situation of the film in the overseas.

Despite that, Jai Simha ‘Thanks, Meet’ was organized. During the event, producer claimed, Jai Simha had collected Rs. 50 crores. Leaving aside those claims, Balakrishna’s comments became sensational. Balakrishna said ‘Every film of mine is a record’ during his speech

‘I am very happy to know that my films are creating new records. Moreover, records are not new to me. My film, Samarasimha Reddy celebrated Silver Jubilee function in 32 centers. A record untouched even till date,’ said Balakrishna.

‘Balakrishna says ‘Every film of mine is a record’’ became a headline for various Telugu web portals and online newspapers. In fact, many film critics took Balakrishna’s comments with a pinch of salt.

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