Donald Trump imitates Narendra Modi at meetings?


Donald Trump imitates Narendra Modi at meetings

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Donald Trump and Narendra Modi exchange a warm relationship. It is this relationship that helped the Indian counterpart to be invited to Oval house on many occasions in the past. The recent reports about Donald Trump remind us the famous saying ‘All that glitters is not gold’. The same is the case of the relationship between PM Narendra Modi and the US President Donald Trump. In fact, few media outlets in the US have reported that Donald Trump imitates Narendra Modi at various meetings in the US.

The US tabloids came up with a story that, ‘Donald Trump imitates Narendra Modi’ while he addresses Indian Americans. These claims can trigger tension between the two nations, which are actively collaborating on various fronts in recent times. Moreover, Trump’s recent stance on Pakistan is a clear indication of his favoritism towards India. Adding to the ‘Donald Trump imitates Narendra Modi’ story, the US president’s ‘shithole’ comments were also said in an Indian dialect.

The businessman-turned-president, Donald Trump made similar comments in the past. ‘I called up my credit card company to find out whether their customer is based on-shore (in the US) or in India. Shockingly, I heard they said they are from India after I asked where are you from? However, the problem is not with the Indians here, it is with our stupid politicians,’ said Donald Trump.

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