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Katthi Mahesh Comments On ‘Intelligent’ Movie Poster

Katthi Mahesh Comments On Sai Dharam Tej ‘Intelligent’ Movie Poster 

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Thanks to the 4-month row between Katthi Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan fans, the former became an instant celebrity in the Telugu states. The self-acclaimed film critic often found himself in a world of controversies, after his true nature in attacking Pawan Kalyan was exposed. Once again, Katthi Mahesh comments on ‘Intelligent’ movie poster irked Mega fans.

‘How can an injured person hold a gun? Doesn’t look like an apt title to the poster’ said Katthi Mahesh, referring to Sai Dharam Teja ‘Intelligent’ movie poster.

In fact, these kinds of posters are very common in the film fraternity. Directors come up with these kinds of posters to elevate the hero, and heroism in the film. However, Katthi Mahesh always targets Mega family. Though many films’ promotional posters have released in the recent past, Katthi Mahesh did not comment on any of them.

Meanwhile, other film critics opined that Katthi Mahesh is targeting Mega family to just promote himself on social media and electronic media.

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