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HomelatestJanasena Has Already 90 Contestants: Pawan Kalyan

Janasena Has Already 90 Contestants: Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan Janasena Party Already 90 Contestants

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The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan has been busy touring Uttarandhra in his Praja Yatra prior to the general elections. The other day, he interacted with a National English Daily to reveal stunning details of his party’s construction.Pawan Kalyan who is on a spree of firing counters to his opponents is now targeting common voters by declaring his party’s status. Answering about the rumors on his party, Janasenani declared that he is already in the process of selecting candidates and as many as 90 members are already finalized for 90 constituencies out of 175 AP Assembly seats.

Claiming that he is selecting with his own criteria of dedication, love towards the nation and society and commitment, Pawan made it clear that he is not using the caste card in selecting criteria. This most celebrated leader once again reminded that he is all set to contest in all the seats without any alliances so that he will form Government at any cost. Talking about his experience, Pawan Kalyan claimed that he has a vast experience of 10 years since the times of Praja Rajyam where he closely observed the party construction and dynamics.

Seems this leader knows what he is doing than anyone. At one side, he is strengthening his party and making it ready for the elections of 2019. In parallel, Pawan is conquering the support of many common voters with his speeches thereby rubbing the tag of part-time politician.

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