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HomelatestBJP Trying To Trouble TDP In The Name Of Religion?

BJP Trying To Trouble TDP In The Name Of Religion?

BJP Trying To Trouble TDP In The Name Of Religion

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The BJP leads Central Government which is on a mission to conquer South has now shifted its focus from Karnataka to Andhra Pradesh. Its single point agenda is to dethrone Babu at any cost. Political analysts decoded its new strategy to counter TDP Government.BJP known for its master games and tactics to conquer the vote bank is trying to camp in the Telugu lands of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. More than anything, BJP is trying to suppress Yellow flag by any means post the break up of the alliance. After trying to corner CBN with Vote for Note scam, it is using the religion of Hinduism.

Sources say that the recent incident of TTD where Sri Dikshithulu is blaming the Board for their corrupted ruling is aired by a National TV Channel intentionally. The channel is none other than the new sensation Republic TV. even though it has powerful journalists team, the fact that the owner of this channel is a BJP MP and he is making sure that no programme is telecasting anti to BJP. The same channel interrupted its own programme while interviewing Babu when he spoke against BJP. Also, continuous debates against anti-BJP parties will be done regularly in that Channel. If there are many burning issues in the State of AP, what is the need for such National channel to telecast TTD issue as if it stopped Special Category Status?

As Centre is trying its best to mock the TDP, the AP BJP leaders started allegations on CBN. despite pressurizing Centre for their own state, AP BJP MLAs are pointing to Babu and declared that he stopped the growth of the State by opposing BJP. Voters are keenly observing these new developments in AP Politics.

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