DSP’s Package Troubling The Makers?


Devi Sri Prasad Remuneration Is Troubling In The Market

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The star composer Devi Sri Prasad is celebrated as one of the best composers in South India. However, he is heavily speculated to be irking some makers with his attitude.DSP raised from scratch from the movie Devi and went on becoming the most sought-after composer in Tollywood in no time. His talent fetched him the movies of top star heroes and directors such that he scored music for his all-time favorite hero megastar Chiranjeevi.

After winning awards and accolades, he went to Kollywood to conquer the Tamil market thereby giving a huge competition to Tamil composers. Such talented energetic musician finally achieved the tag of a rockstar and charged hefty amounts for the movies. However, this musician is troubling the producers lately.

Complaints from all the quarters of T-town are getting gathered on him for his attitude. According to these complaints, DSP is charging 3 crores of remuneration per movie. As it was not enough, he has some set of regulations for the makers prior to the signing of the contract. DSP should be given a bound script narration before the regular shoot. He must be the final selector of lyricists and singers such that he won’t consider the suggestions of directors. Last but not the least, DSP decides where the songs should be timed in the complete movie.

For now, these are merely speculated complaints which are trending among the Tollywood circles.Some say that his talent and success rate demand such regulations whereas some find fault with his rules. The interesting thing is no one still knows why he walked out of Ram’s next project and he was replaced by Thaman who charges comparatively less and works very fast.

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