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HomelatestWill Return To The US In Power: Pawan Promises The US Janasainikas

Will Return To The US In Power: Pawan Promises The US Janasainikas

The most hyped Janasena Pravasa Garjana planned by the Janasenani Pawan Kalyan became a bumper hit as the response from his Janasainikas was overwhelming. A complete report of this most successful event in brief as follows.As per the plan, Pawan who had been to the US met some bigwigs of both the Democratic and Conservative parties and discussed the problems faced by the Telugu NRIs regarding the H1B Visas prior to the meeting day. On 15th of this month, He reached the city of Dallas where all the Janasainikas gathered at the Gandhi Park to witness this breathtaking meeting.Pawan Kalyan started off his speech with his trademark dialogues about his love towards his fans. Touching every high and low of his personal and professional life, The Janasena Chief established a separate wing for the Doctors and their suggestions.

Declaring that his tour to the US is not aimed at the party fund, Kalyan claimed that he is interested to charge the NRI youth towards serving their Motherland India. He pledged to bring a change in the Politics of not only AP but for entire India in the upcoming 25 years.Overall this Public meet is a huge hit as he ended his thunderous speech by declaring that one day he will return to the US in a powerful stature and position than now. The stadium which can accommodate 4000 people became housefull a section of the US media covered this news. On the party note, it is rumoured that the NRIs who are determined to serve AP via Janasena Party have shown interest to donate hugely to see Pawan Kalyan as the CM in 2019 elections.

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