CBN Focussing On MLA Candidates Selection For The AP Elections


The TDP National Chief Chandrababu Naidu is busy meeting many bigwigs of anti-Modi Front across India these days. Apart from having continuous interaction sessions with his new friend Rahul Gandhi, CBN started concentrating on his much-needed developments in TDP prior to the General Elections of APWith the bitter results of Telangana snap polls, CBN is now brainstorming on the things those gone wrong with his planning. He bagged just a couple of seats against the thirteen this AP CM aimed along with the Prajakutami. Having learned the lessons, CBN has decided to take more care on the candidates selected as it became the primary criteria to win in any constituency.

This leader of Kuppam is now holding relentless meetings with the party core leaders on this issue and asked them to prepare ground reports on the existing and aspiring candidates of TDP for the upcoming Assembly elections. His main motto is to win the 2019 elections with a huge majority to showcase his strength to the Centre and also to cover the insult he faced with the Telangana polls.It is heavily speculated that CBN has passed strict orders to his party leaders to prepare a will as if the elections would get commenced in advance to the tentative schedule of Election Commission.

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