Is MIM’s Support A Boon Or Curse For The YSRCP?


The MIM Chief Owaisi who is quite delighted to see his good friend KCR as the CM of Telangana is curious about AP elections. As he already declared that the MIM would extend its support to the AP Opposition Party YSRCP, Political experts dig deep into the pros and cons of this dealing.MIM might be a great boon to the ruling party TRS where there are almost 12% of Telanganites are Minorities. Whereas in Andhra, MIM which has not so good reputation might be a failed case.So it is obvious that MIM’s support to the YS Jagan will not fetch more votes than the already existing vote bank of YSRCP.

Here the region of AP which has Hindus as the majority voters tend to lean towards TDP and BJP for its religious beliefs and reject YSRCP which is already tagged as a Christian Party. Now that the Janasena Chief Pawan too entered into the scene, the anti-incumbency votes are now divided which in turn benefit the ruling party TDP anyway. It is a million dollars question now if Jagan takes the support of MIM or not for the upcoming General Elections of AP in 2019’s May or so.For now, YSRCP officially declared that it supports TRS which is against to some section of Andhraites who think that if YSRCP comes to power, it would not do any good to AP for his good relations with KCR.


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