Is Pawan Kalyan Replacing YS Jagan On Telugu News Channels?

Pawan Kalyan Replacing YS Jagan On Telugu News Channels

Pawan Kalyan Replacing YS Jagan On Telugu News Channels

Posted March 21, 2018, 11:26 am at 11:26

If you have noticed, it’s been a good while since we saw YS Jagan featuring on Telugu News Channels, excluding Sakshi media. So what happened to YS Jagan? The opposition leader’s ‘Praja Sankalpa Yatra’ is hardly given importance, especially after the March 14th Janasena Formation Day meeting. Putting aside the authenticity of the claims, allegations, and accusations, Pawan Kalyan’s speech completely changed the AP political atmosphere.

‘I wouldn’t have minded if YS Jagan passed those allegations’, said CBN referring to the corruption allegations passed made by Pawan Kalyan against TDP, CBN and Nara Lokesh. Such is the situation in the state. With YSRCP’s dual stand on no-confidence motion clearly exposed, political circles opined that YS Jagan lost an edge. The only face off for the party was, it managed to give NCM notice in Lok Sabha before TDP.

Currently, the Telugu News Channels believe that ‘Pawan Kalyan vs Chandrababu (& TDP)’ is likely to bring them more TRP, than ‘YSRCP vs TDP’ catfights. Except for occasional headliners from Roja and Ambati Rambabu, there are hardly any worthy leaders (in YSRCP) who could make an impact with their comments.While MP Vijay Sai Reddy is trying to create a platform for YSRCP in Delhi by moving close to Saffron party, he is often referred as A2, with Jagan as A1. No wonder, the Telugu Media is following its ‘TRP’ mantra.

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