Pawan Finally Reacts to Kathi Mahesh Comments!

Pawan kalyan Response on Kathi Mahesh Comments

Pawan Finally Reacts to Kathi Mahesh Comments

Posted December 9, 2017, 5:45 pm at 17:45

A war situation has been prevailing for a long time between Pawan Kalyan fans and Katthi Mahesh. Though Supremo of Janasena Party, Pawan Kalyan never reacted on any comments made by Katthi Mahesh directly, his fans have taken a different route.

Few of them even threatened to kill Katthi Mahesh if makes any more lose comments about Pawan Kalyan. Despite many warnings, Katthi Mahesh is still going strong making controversial and provoking comments on Pawan Kalyan and Janasena Party. Recently, after Katthi Mahesh’s comments crossed the edge, Pawan Kalyan reacted for the first time.

Speaking at an event, ‘When I speak about a problem, there are many people who object it and condemn my views. There is no hard and fast rule that everyone should admire me. When someone laughs, few muscles respond. But, when they hate someone else, almost all the muscles respond. Even the blood pressure increases, which can affect their health. There is no point in reacting to comments made by people. It would just waste our time. People who are ridiculing me are already wasting their time,’ said Pawan Kalyan, indirectly referring to Katthi Mahesh’s behavior.  

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