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Pawan Kalyan Response To Kathi Mahesh

Pawan Kalyan Response to Kathi Mahesh Comments

Pawan Kalyan Response to Kathi Mahesh Comments: Mega fans are firing on Kathi Mahesh that after coming out of the ‘Bigg Boss’ show, Kathi Mahesh is feeling like a celebrity. Because of his criticism on Pawan Kalyan that in an interview Kathi Mahesh said that Pawan Kalyan can’t act and don’t know politics. With this Pawan Fans are fighting with Kathi Mahesh in the social media. But now reduced due to Pawan suggestion.

As the sources say that Pawan Kalyan said to his friends that Kathi Mahesh is unnecessarily criticizing to get popularity. So there is no need to mind his words. So Pawan Fans got the message and left the Kathi Mahesh words who is not so popular. But few fans are still trolling on Kathi Mahesh in social media. Recently, Kathi Mahesh demanded an apology from the Pawan fans for threatening him. For this also some fans are angry on him. Soon the dispute should settle down.

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