Pawan Kalyan – Robert Rodriguez – Vijay Deverakonda



What is this? Who is this Robert Rodriguez? Yeah, he is the person who gave his body to medical experiments for money. And, the money was to make a film. He made a film with that money and publish the movie himself. Albeit, the movie was not released in theatres in the initial stage, so he made CDs and sold them. Okay right… Then, what is the relation among Pawan Kalyan, Vijay Deverakonda, and  Robert Rodriguez? The two interviews showed the Pawan Kalyan and Vijay’s thoughts on Robert Rodriguez.


Pawan Kalyan and Vijay about Robert:

Come to the matter, in a recent interview, Vijay Deverakonda has told about his reason behind to act in Pelli Choopulu movie. Though, the reason is a book titled “Rebel without a crew”. In this book, he read about Robert Rodriguez dedication and passion towards films. Albeit, Vijay has said that he read the book and inspired from the Robert. So, Robert was the biggest reason behind Vijay’s decision for Pelli Choopulu. This is the version of Vijay Devarkonda.

Vijay-Deverakonda-about-Pellichoopulu movie

Besides, come to Pawan Kalyan version, in 2011, at the time of Panja movie, in an interview, Pawan Kalyan told about this Robert. He said about Robert’s effort to make a movie, and present situations. Moreover, he said, “If anyone has interest, they can shoot videos with mobile phones and can upload on YouTube.” As he said, now many heroes like Raj Tharun, heroines like Chandini Chowdary, Priyanka Jawalkar, and more are doing movies.

Actually, Pawan Kalyan and Vijay have not talked about the same thing, but they have talked the same person who put an effort to do a work. Albeit, this connection has been found by a fan of Pawan Kalyan and posted it on twitter. The similar feelings of Pawan Kalyan and Vijay Deverakonda are incidentally coincidental. Of course, every reader of that book may be felt like this. But, we have these two stars yet now, and really weird thing, and thank you fan man.



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